How to Fix Item Does Not Support Reviews Error in Google Webmaster Search Console for Blogger

Blogger is a great platform for bloggers to have a free blog. Unfortunately, it has some bugs that need to be fixed. The error on Blogger that we’ll talk about today is the "Item does not support reviews" error. This error will appear when you try and generate or publish a review of your own post in Google Webmaster Tools. Here, are instructions on how to fix this issue with Blogger.

We found an another error in Google Search console that  "Item does not support reviews", and this post will help you in -How to Fix "Item does not support reviews" error in Google webmaster Search Console for Blogger- This can be solved easily with our tutorial, please try to do the tutorial as per the steps, then only you can find the result.

If you have a blog on Blogger, you may have noticed that your site’s reviews are not showing up in your Google Webmaster Search Console. This can be frustrating because reviews generate more traffic to your site and are an important part of the customer journey. Here, are some steps you can take to fix the error so that your Google reviews will show up in the SERPs again.

Google Webmaster and Search Console is a free service that helps you understand your site's performance in Google Search. It lets you know if there are any errors on your site, how users interact with your site, and how search engines crawl the content of your website.

It can sometimes happen that for some reason the item does not support reviews error will show up for one or more posts on your blog. Here are some ways to fix this problem.

Google Webmaster is a tool that can help bloggers and site owners identify potential problems with their sites, so that they can fix them. One such problem is the Item does not support reviews error. This article will show you how to fix this error in Google Webmaster Search Console for Blogger.

What is the "item does not support reviews" error?

Before we dive into how to fix the Google Webmaster Search Console error, let’s talk about what the item does not support reviews error is. Google’s definition of the item that does not support reviews error is: "An item does not support reviews that are missing the item's reviews. A review is not a pageview or one or more recommendations. If you do not have a list of reviews, it's unclear how users are going to read and understand your content." What causes the error? The item that does not support reviews error is caused by Google's adjustment algorithm. This adjustment algorithm is designed to show Google’s users the most relevant content. The adjustment algorithm tries to match an item to the order it was submitted to the system.

So let's directly enter the content, at first I would like to teach you how to find this error in your website. For that, you should be a user of the Google webmaster search console.

How to Fix the Error in Blogger

Step 1 - Go to you Google Search Console and click on the review snippets section. 

Step 2 - After that, you will see a new screen then Click on the details section.

Step 3 - Then you will redirect in the next screen,  where you will see Examples section.

Step 4 - Now click on the URLs inside the example section, after clicking the links new screen will be shown on the left side, just scroll a little bit. 

Step 5 - Now you will see the HTML in highlighted in colour and will start with <div class='hreview'>

So now you have found the Item does not support reviews error. 

Check below Image it will show look like this 

How to Fix "Item does not support reviews" error

Step 6 - Copy this div tag <div class='hreview'> and go to your blogger Dashboard.

Step 7 - Click on the theme and Edit the HTML

Item does not support reviews

Step 8 -  Search (Ctrl+f) and find <div class='hreview'> 

Select this HTML from  <div class='hreview'> upto  Rating: <span class='rating'>5</span></div> till here and delete this HTML and click on save.

Item does not support reviews

Finally, go to Google Search Console and Click on URL inspection and put your URL in the search box and hit enter you will see this screen as shown in the image below.

URL inspection

Your all Item does not support reviews error has been resolved.

How to fix the error on other sites

Search in Google Webmaster Tools If you don’t see your site’s review page in Google Webmaster Tools, that’s ok. There may be a bug, so let’s look for one and see if we can fix the problem. This blog has reviews that are missing in my Search Console reports On our site, when we look in the Google Webmaster Tools page, you’ll see something like this. We’re not the only site having the same problem and the issue is affecting many sites. We’re not the only site affected by this problem. This is likely the reason why Google was temporarily lowering the value of the TLD that your site has on Search Console. If your site has a domain that has a TLD of .biz, .blog, .pizza, etc., you will likely not show a review page on your Google Webmaster Tools reports.

Google Webmaster is a tool that allows webmasters to better optimize their site for Google. One of the many features of Google Webmaster is a way to find out what search queries your website has been receiving. For example, if you type in 'Item does not support reviews' into the search bar, it will give you all the keywords and phrases people have been using to search for this item on Google. It's important to be aware of these search terms because they provide insight into what your customers are looking for. You may not even know about these searches if you haven't checked the Webmaster Tool before. The list goes on and on with different customer queries.

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