How to Enable Push Notification for Blogger Website to Engage Visitors

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms and it is very easy to use. It's also free and you can make a blog in seconds. However, if you want to make your blog appealing to your visitors or readers, you need to enable push notification for Blogger website.

For this purpose, we will go through some steps that will teach you how to enable push notification for Blogger website.

Push Notification is one of the best method to Increase your page views for each post. This Push Notification can easily engage your visitors and can direct to your website post. The reason to get people engaged is to improve rank plus increase traffic and earnings. There are many methods to engage visitors by sending email, Publishing website to ads Networks, text messages etc... 

Blogger websites are often a great choice for those who want to start an online blog. Blogger has many benefits including being free, having easy-to-use templates, and being very popular. One of the disadvantages of using blogger is that there is no way to track page views or other statistics. On top of this, blogger doesn't enable push notifications. This means that when someone visits your blog, they would have to come back to your website again if they want updates on any new posts. Here's how you can enable push notification on your blogger website so you can keep in touch with visitors!

How to enable Push Notification for Blogger Website to engage Visitors

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are messages sent to a mobile device from a website, app, or other provider. You can receive push notifications from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and any other apps or websites. You need to decide whether you want to receive your visitors' emails, text messages, or WhatsApp messages. If you do not want to receive the messages, you can block them with Push Notifications. How to enable push notification for Blogger website First of all, you need to enable the 'Accept and send push notifications' option in your account settings. This option allows you to send and receive push notifications for your blog. Once the option is enabled, you need to sign in to your account.

Why should you enable push notification for the Blogger website?

Push notification is an important feature which allows your site visitors to receive notifications from your blog. As most of the visitors can't be bothered with refreshing your page several times, they prefer a non-re-installs method of receiving notifications on your site. Moreover, for attracting more visitors to your blog, you can be sure that they would be expecting from you to receive some notifications on the website. How to enable Push Notification for Blogger Website In order to enable push notification for Blogger.

Right in this post I teach you one of the best methods of them, which is Push Notification, By this method you can send push notification to your subscribed visitors on Google chrome and Firefox.

Best thing about this plugin is you can use it for both your desktop and mobile site and it is also for free. You can also upgrade to unlock some features but for a blog it is good to use it free unless you have a business site.

enable Push Notification for Blogger Website

This plugin is powered by PushEngage and it need a 5 minute integration time so it is easy to use this plugin.


I always share feature of plugins to let you know about a plugin and decide whether to use it or no. Here are some features of PushEngage plugin.

1. It is for free as well as you can buy premium version.

2. Supports multiple browsers (Chome and Firefox) so you can engage visitors from any of the two browser.

3. Easy and fast integration.

4. Work on both HTTP and HTTPS links.

5. Notification scheduling feature.

6. You can connect your blogs RSS feed and notify your visitors when ever new content is published.

7. Multiple language support.

8. Works on both WordPress and Blogger.

9. You can use one account for multiple sites.

10. You can send text and text + image notifications to your visitors.

11. You get more traffic than Emails.

How To Install Push Notifications In Blogger?

Step 1: Go to PushEngage.

Step 2: Fill out the signup form, type your blog or custom domain URL, enter your email, type a push engage subdomain name, enter your password and click on start your free trail.

Note: It is written "start your free trail" but you can use account for free until you have 2500 subscribers and for more your have to upgrade.

Step 3: Scroll down and copy your code as shown in below image.

push notification for blogger

Step 4: Go to your blogger account and navigate to theme > Edit HTML.

push notification for blogger

Step 5: Paste the copied code just below <head> in your theme and save it.

push engage for blogger

Step 6: Customize your notification widget in your Push Engage account, you can customize following things:

1. Adding RSS Feed(pro users only).

2. Welcome notification settings.

3. Subscription Dialog box Settings.

How To Send A Notification?

Go to your account and a click on Notifications in the menu and click on New Notification to create your notification. All the settings are easy just fill out and send.

Finalizing Article!

You can get most of it if you upgrade to premium account but its also useful if you can't upgrade because you engage at least 2500 users. You can find more push notification senders on google and if you have a good one, please let me know so that I can create tutorial about it.

So, this was the end of this post on how to enable push notification for Blogger website. I hope this article will guide you how to enable push notification for Blogger website easily. Don’t forget to share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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