How to Add or Change Favicon in Blogger Website

The favicon is the first thing a visitor notices on your website. It's an important page element that helps visitors identify your website and distinguish it from others. If you don't have a favicon, it can be difficult for people to find you online.

People have a good reason to be confused about the term, “favicon.” It’s an icon that appears beside the address bar in your browser and next to the title of a webpage in your tabs. Visitors see it as a sign that you are online and accessible, but also use it as a quick reference to remember which site they are on (especially if you have too many tabs open).

This post is about the Blogger platform to add or change the Favicon icon for the website. This year 2021 blogger have updated a lot in their Admin panel, so it completely changed the position of things we need to use. Blogger got many Advanced features in these updates. 

How to add or Change Favicon in Blogger website

Many bloggers don't even know about favicons and using the default blogger favicon on their blog.

So, Before going further in this tutorial. If you don't have your favicon you can easily make your favicon from

What is Favicon in Blogger? 

A favicon is a website icon that represents and identifies the site when it is added to an internet browser's favorites list. It is also known as a shortcut icon. These are images, logos, or emblems that appear overlaid on the left side of the address bar in most browsers. They may be used with or without numbers and letters to represent the site’s name or provide another level of identification. Favicons are also used to differentiate pages from one another on a single website. For example, A personal page may show an image of the owner while a company page might show its logo.

A favicon can either be made with one piece of artwork or two pieces of artwork that combine into one image when they're seen from different angles. Favicons are becoming more popular because they help increase a site's SEO ranking and they create visual interest for your visitors.

The favicon of a website is important because it can determine whether users will stay on the page or click away. It's what makes your site stand out in crowded browser space. You want it to be noticeable, but also unique and memorable.

Favicon is an icon shown before the URL section so it is also known as URL icon, shortcut icon, Bookmark icon. It is a small icon that is used to represent an individual website or blog.

What is The Importance of Favicon?

People will associate the URL and the favicon in their minds. They will know what site they are visiting or where they came from when they see the URL icon. This makes sure that the reader will always remember which website they are going to visit. In fact, one study by Google found that the presence of the URL is a good predictor of the likelihood of your site being used by your target customers. So, it is advisable to consider that of additional value when choosing a URL. There are two kinds of favicons that can be placed on your blog website: animated and static.

Why Should You Use Favicon?

If you think about it, what does the favicon tell you about a website? It can tell you a lot. It gives you details about the page such as the size of the favicon, font size, the shape of the favicon, the color of the favicon, etc. If you are an independent business, the favicon becomes your online identity. How To Create a Favicon For WordPress? Creating a favicon for your blog site is easier than ever. WordPress makes it simple as it provides WordPress-based hosting and has a built-in plugin called "Favicon. Create a New WordPress Website Now that you have a WordPress website, you can use your website builder to create a favicon. There are lots of these builders in the market.

Steps to change the favicon in Blogger

  • Switch to New Blogger layout if you already using it skip this step.
  • Open your blogger blog in which you want to change the favicon.
  • After that navigate to Blogger Blog settings Tab.

Blogger settings

  • In the Settings tab, you will find a link to upload your favicon which is placed just below Google Analytics property id setting.

favicon blogger

  • After finding that favicon link click on it.
  • When you click on it. It will open the favicon setting in a new tab.

blogger favicon

  • After that, click on choose file option it will open the file explorer from where you can select your favicon file.
  • You have to upload the favicon under 100 kb in size. File Size bigger than that will not upload.
  • After selecting your favicon click on the save button to properly add your favicon to your blog.


A favicon, also known as a shortcut icon, is the small icon that appears next to a website's URL in the browser tab. It's often displayed in the browser tab when a user has bookmarked a site or added it to their favorites. If you're looking for some tips on how to create your own favicon, just comment below I will guide you on how you can easily make Favicon for your website for free.

When we build and design our blog or website. We want it to look perfect in every aspect but sometimes we miss small details like a favicon.

A favicon can be a very small thing for a website or blog but it helps your viewer to identify your website.

Do not think too much about what to put in your blog's favicon. Just put a favicon that is unique and similar to your website.

I think this post on how to add a favicon in blogger helps you in uploading your blogger favicon without facing any problem.

If you are facing any problem in changing the favicon of your blogger blog. Write it in the comment section. I will help you.

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