How to Activate Search Description in Blogger for each Post

The blogger from Google has a lot of options available to optimize the SEO of the Blogger website. Through this post am going to write this article about How to Activate Search Description in Blogger for each Post.

It’s important to activate search descriptions for each blog post in order to make your content findable on Google. Whether you’re looking for a recipe, browsing through photos from your latest trip or reading about politics, people will click on search results with appropriate titles and meta descriptions. So here are some steps on how to add search descriptions to each post.

Blogger is an easy way to write and publish a blog. It has a variety of features that make it easy for anyone to create a blog from scratch. Posts can be created with ease by simply typing your content in the editor window, which will automatically save it as soon as you leave the window. Blogger also has post templates available for those who want to customize their layout and style. However, if you don't like the post template that's currently being used, or if you have no idea how to use it, this tutorial is for you! Here, is how to activate search description in blogger so that each new post will include its own description in search engines.

Many people have a blog on and are wondering how to enter the description for each post. This is a simple step-by-step guide on how to do this. In the latest version of Blogger Dashboard, normally it's seen as Disabled mode. This article will help you to find the method or step by step to Enable Search Description of Blogger Dashboard.

How to Activate Search Description in Blogger  for each Post

Types of Blogger Websites

There are many different types of blog websites. Some people use them for personal blogging, or to share their interests and passions with others. Others might do it as a side gig, or use it to make money. However you decide to blog, there are some things you should know before starting out.

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to share your thoughts, opinions, life events, and more with people from all around the world. Blogs are categorized by what they are about. Some popular types of blogger websites are:

  • Personal blogs: A blog where you share your personal thoughts and feelings 
  • Fashion blogs: Blogs dedicated to reviewing and discussing fashion trends
  • Food blogs: Blogs that document recipes, cooking techniques, restaurant reviews, and more 
  • Lifestyle blogs: Blogs that cover a wide range of topics such as relationships, health, travel, home decor 
  • Parenting blogs: Blogs for parents who want to find parenting advice 
  • Travel blogs: Blogs for people

Most of you already know about Blogger's Search description Still let me first explain what is search description & Why it is important for Search Engine Optimization.

Blogger has been out since 1999, and it’s still one of the most popular blogging platforms. You can sign-up for free at, and you don’t need any programming or design skills to use it. However, there are some features that require a little extra knowledge and this is one of them.

What is the Search Description in Blogger?

Search Description is a small Description that Explains your Blog post/Website. It is helpful for a search engine to identify the topic of the blog posts. In conclusion, It is very important for both SEO & Viewer's Perspectives.

Tips to Write SEO Friendly Search Description

  • Add Your Target Keyword as well as Related keywords in the search description.
  • Only Write 130-150 Characters in Search Description.
  • Not Just Spam Keywords for Search Engine Instead of that Write Reader-Friendly sentences.
  • Always Use Relevant Keywords.

What are the SEO benefits of it?

Search Description adds more search visibility to your blog posts. You can use it to rank well in search engines. It can improve your organic search traffic and get more attention from people. It can increase your conversion rates by more than 15%. And many more… How to make a search description on your Blogger website? Since the writer of this post is from Google, I am sure that most of these features are available to him but he does not get them. You can access these features directly by following the below mention steps.

Steps To Enable Search Description in Blogger Posts

  • To Enable Search Description in Blogger Blog first Login to Your Google Account.
  • After That, Login into
  • Now, Open the Blog in which you Want to Enable Search Description.
  • Now Navigate to Blogger's Settings Tab and Find Meta Tags Section.
  • Under Meta Tag Section You will See an Option to Enable Search Description.

  • Just Enable it and Write a Main Search Description for Your Blog/Website.
  • After that, click on Save Button.
  • Now Navigate to any old blog post of your Blog or Create a New One.
  • On the right-hand side of the blog post writing Dashboard, you will see the Search Description Option.

  • Just click on it and add a Search Description for your Blog post.


Blogger is a free blog publishing platform. It has an easy-to-use interface and, with the right knowledge, it can be used to create a professional blog. Blogger is not just for blogs, though. Blogger is also a great option for creating sites for your small business or non-profit organization.

Blogger is a free platform but is underrated by most bloggers. That is not good for Search Engine Optimization However It still has many options for SEO. It only has fewer SEO Opportunities in comparison to WordPress.

You will come across many articles on how to optimize your blog SEO, it is better to do a simple search on blog SEO and read the posts with their own insight and comments. Following these simple steps will work wonders for your blog SEO.

I hope this Blog Post on How to Enable Search Description for Blogger Posts has helped you. If you want to know anything or want to give any suggestions. Let me know them in the comments section.

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