Google AdSense - Boost your AdSense Earnings using In-Feed and In-Article Ads Unit

Google AdSense is a free advertising program that helps publishers earn money from their website traffic. When you sign up for the program, Google will install a JavaScript code on your website and add ads to your pages. Unless you take specific steps, the ads will appear in fixed positions on all pages of your site. While this is an easy way to start earning extra income, there are many other options available to you if you learn how to use them! From in-feed and in-article ads units to mobile and video ads, there are plenty of ways that you can dramatically increase your earnings. Read on for some tips on how to boost your AdSense earnings today!

AdSense one of the Biggest ads Platform always trying to improve the publishers earnings while improving the Advertisers needs and requirements. If you ask anyone which is the best Ads platform you will surely get only one answer "ADSENSE". So as their improving the quality AdSense introduce two types of Ads units In-Feed & In-Article Ads Unit. This ads units can be used in website which is responsible for both Computer and Mobile Users.

Recently Google AdSense updated "Matched Content" New AdSense Ad Unit which is like a related post widget and is really useful because it not only makes you money but also increase your page views. Now Google AdSense have updated in-feed and in-article ad types which are also good and will improve your earnings. First let me tell you something about In-Article AdSense ad unit.

Google AdSense - Boost your AdSense Earnings using In-Feed & In-Article Ads Unit

In-Feed AdSense

In-feed or In-Article Ad Unit is a service that allows you to maximize your Google AdSense earnings. It provides the users with the right content to display ads on a web page, blog, or any other media. Unlike regular AdSense ads, the In-Feed AdWords provide a new opportunity to build an automated and diversified revenue model. In-Feed content means the content of your blog or website. All of the content on your blog should be visible to your visitors, in addition to other factors like the quality of your content and your SEO ranking. You can use In-Feed AdSense to create and display an ad on the right sidebar of your blog to entice people to visit your blog, which will increase your SEO ranking.

In-Article AdSense

In-Article Ad Type is similar to In-Feed Ad Category. In-Content Ad Types will display or appear inside a page and won't be live to the reader. Advantage This ad type is good for your readers who are long-term visitors. If you have good post content, this ad type can boost your Page Rank. Drawbacks Long-term visitors will avoid using this ad type to increase your Page Rank. In-Feed Ad Type In-Feed Ad Type will display or appear inside a page and will be live to the reader. Advantage If you are short-term visitors, this ad type will help to increase your page views. Drawbacks Short-term visitors will avoid using this ad type to increase your Page Rank. Why to use it? This is a good ad type because they can be engaged with. So you should capitalize on it.

What is the Difference Between In-Feed and In-Article Ads?

In-Feed Ad Unit allows you to create an in-content ad unit for a specific article and automatically filter out all the ads that are not related to the article at all. You can also display a secondary text ad if you want to target only AdSense publishers rather than the general public. AdSense in-feed ad units will display when there is a strong keyword match between the words in your original content and keywords in the AdSense keyword ranking. AdSense in-article ad unit will display when there is a strong keyword match between the words in your original content and the keywords in the AdSense article ranking. Like in-feed ad unit, in-article ad units also allow you to filter ads that are not related to the main text of the article.

How Google AdSense Works

Since Google Ads was created way back in 2004, the AdSense ads have been doing amazingly well for Google. The AdSense ads are different to AdSense ads on other websites or Blogs. When you place AdSense ads on the website, then it does not only bring traffic but also bring in money for the website. This is also possible for other people to also sell AdSense ad units but they need to make sure that the ad is placed on the website where most of your audience will see it. How Google AdSense In-Feed Ad Unit Works Now when I mention ad unit or ad unit, here I am referring to "in-feed". There are many types of in-feed ads and Google have many ways to make them work on your website.

Google AdSense In-Article Ads:

These are actually native ads and they are specially for articles as indicated by their name. This ad type is good for those blogs and website which have articles about something and because of their great look these ads will improve earnings. Here is a demo of Google AdSense in-article ad.

Google AdSense In-Article Ads

In-article ad is a responsive type of ad so you can't decide its width, it will adjust itself on its own. There are many options to customize ad look. You can see these options at the time of adding this ad.

Also you have option to "Show selected display ads" in the Global options section in your AdSense account which allows you to to show selected display ads which can help you boost your earnings. Google decides which ads will be best for your blog or website. Here is a screenshot of customization options:

In-Article Ads Unit

Adding this add is simple and exactly same as "Matched Content" New AdSense Ad Unit. To add Google AdSense in-article ad in your blog's post go to your blog edit a post, switch the editor to HTML and paste the ad code where you would like the ad to show.

Google Adsense In-Feed Ads:

This is I guess best ad unit for smart phone and tablets devices. And it is a good ad unit to get more clicks on ads from mobile traffic. Comparing with In-article ad unit In-feed ad unit has four different types and it comes with more customization options. Take a look:

1. Image Above In-Feed Ad:
Image Above In-Feed Ad

2. Image On Side In-Feed Ad:
Image On Side In-Feed Ad

3. Title Above In-Feed Ad:
Title Above In-Feed Ad

4. Text Only In-Feed Ad:
Text Only In-Feed Ad

All these ad units comes with same customization option which are shown in below image

You can add these ads in your posts as well as in the layout above or below your post. I recommend adding in between posts to get more clicks.

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