Blogger : How to add Scrolling Recent Post Widget to Blogger website

Blogger, a free and easy way to create your own blog, is now a powerful blogging platform. With Blogger, there are no complicated coding or design choices to make. You can publish your content with one click and customize the look of your blog with a few more clicks. One recent addition to the Blogger interface is the Recent Posts widget, which displays your latest posts in a neatly formatted list on the sidebar of your blog. This widget is perfect for bloggers who want to show off their most recent content in a simple way.

Also, Blogger is a blog-publishing service created by Google. It enables people to create and maintain blogs on the internet. Blogger was originally designed for blogging, but now it can also be used for other purposes, such as photo sharing or general web publishing. Blogger's features include a template editor which allows users to design their own templates or select from over 300 templates that come pre-loaded with the software.

The recent post widget lets you show your latest posts in a neat grid format without having to manually go into your blog's backend and doing it yourself.

How To Add Scrolling Recent Posts Gadget In Blogger? are you thinking that what special in this topic? This topic get Special only because of its function that its scroll automatically. Today I am sharing a similar gadget which is also helpful in increasing pageviews, its a recent posts gadget. This is not an ordinary recent posts gadget, its special because it slides posts automatically. This gadget is widely used in blogs and is very popular.

Blogger : How to add Scrolling Recent Post Widget to Blogger website

What is a Recent Posts Widget?

With a recent posts widget, you can have a specific subset of recent posts available to the public. Since you can scroll through this portion of your website, it is often used as a quick way to quickly view recent posts without the need to click through the blog. Prerequisites You’ll need to create a page on your blog where you can post.

Benefits of Recent Post Widget

The newest bloggers are taking advantage of this latest feature to engage and connect with their audience. The Latest Posts feature gives you control over how much content you want to display on your website, as well as how much of the widget is visible to your visitors. Prerequisites for Using a Recent Posts Widget It’s important to first make sure that you have all of the necessary tools to begin working with this widget.

It displays recent articles of a blog. It automatically slides posts which are created recently. It works on jQuery, you don't need to update it for each time you create a post. It will automatically display your recent posts. You can see a snapshot of recent posts gadget below.

Blogger is one of the easiest and most popular blog platforms out there. One feature that many users love is the Recent Posts widget. This widget allows users to scroll through their recent posts in a grid-style layout on their homepage. But what if you don’t use Blogger? There are some ways to add this feature to your website, no matter what platform you use. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to add a scrolling Recent Posts widget to any website.

To add this gadget to your blog follow the below-mentioned steps:


How To Add Scrolling Recent Posts Gadget In Blogger

Step 1: Go to blogger dashboard.

Step 2: Select layout and click on add a Widget.

Step 3: Scroll down to Html/JavaScript and copy the below code.

Get code here.

Step 4: Paste it in the Html/javascript window.

Step 5: Replace with your blog's link and also change with your blog link in the end of the code similar to below shown code.

<script src=";orderby=published&amp;alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=showrecentposts"></script>

Step 6: Click on Save and you are done. 

This gadget has cool effects also like when a thumbnail is hovered by mouse it becomes round and fades out. This gadget slides your content automatically and when a post is hovered its background color is also changed. You can customize it if you have a little knowledge about Css. Some easy things that you can customize in this gadget without having knowledge about Css are discussed below. If you want to customize this gadget as you like then learn it by reading below.


To Change Number Of Posts:

Change 12 to desired number of posts in numposts = 12;

To Change Images Size:

To change thumbnail size make changes in below piece of code:

thumbwidth = 50; 

thumbheight = 50;

To make change is Post's Summery:

Make changes in summaryPost = 40;

To Change Font Size:

Make changes in summaryFontsize = 10;

To Change Border Color:

Make changes in borderColor = "#232c35"; // Get Code Of A Color!

To Customize Time Interval:

Make changes in intervalspy=4000; // 4000 means 4 seconds!

To Change Font Size:

Make changes in fntsize = 15;

To Show Or Hide Number Of Comments:

Replace true with false in showPostDate = true;

You will find all the customizable part of code at the end of the code in JavaScript section!

How to Add the Recent Posts Widget to WordPress

The one caveat with this method is that it only works with WordPress sites. In other words, it won’t work with other blogging platforms, such as Medium, Tumblr, or So if you’re using another blogging platform, we recommend using the method below: Step 1: Create the URL for your recently-added-posts widget and add the shortcode. Step 2: Go to Customizer > Shortcodes > New Widget > URL. Step 3: Add the “Recent Posts” shortcode to your website. Step 4: Click Publish and you should see the widget appear in your WordPress dashboard. Step 5: For further customization, you can switch to a different color, change the default title, add a description, or even go through the Customization Wizard.

I hope you like this gadget. If you have any problem regarding this post ask me in comments or contact me. Share this post with others if you like it. Follow and subscribe to get latest news about blogger gadgets. 

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