Best of 5 SEO Site Checkup Tool Both Free and Paid

 SEO is of the most talking term in the field of blogging. There will be no Blogger even a beginner who never heard about SEO. We know SEO highly influence the website Traffic from the Search engines, its too important to make a good SEO system for our website. Not only making a good SEO, we need to be Updated as per the time, hence we need to know the status of our website SEO. 

Best of 5 SEO site checkup Tool both Free and Paid

SEO is the process of modifying web pages so they rank higher in search engine results pages. If you want your website to rank high on Google, you have to take care of the basics. These include making sure your site is mobile-friendly, using keyword-rich titles and headers. It also means making sure your site loads quickly and that it has a good amount of content and links back to other relevant sites. 

The most common way people do SEO is by buying or creating tools to do it for them. Most of these are really expensive or have an extensive learning curve before you can use them. But there are some free SEO tools that can help you too! So here's a list of five that we like and what they do.

For Auditing the website SEO we need some tools, so we can easily find the status of website SEO using these tools. But the question is which one is the best SEO site checkup tool? There are a lot of site audit tools are available on the internet but a few of them give correct results and proper suggestions. 

Here this post is with the Best of 5 SEO site checkup Tool both Free and Paid. This post will help you to find out the best SEO site checkup tool for your website.

Before starting we need to keep to know, somethings that help for good SEO.

Site Crawler

Most of the sites available today only support one type of SEO crawler. But you can find different varieties of spiders. There are many web-based or desktop-based solutions. Then there is a web-based online tool. If you have started using the SEO website checkup tools you have already seen a number of google spider. These spiders check the URLs for any mistakes. This spider also looks for grammar and structural mistakes.

View Rankings

For better SEO you need to check your site ranking. For this reason, you need some Ranking checker tools like SEO Site Checkup Calculator SEO Site Checkup Browser Extension SEO Site Checkup Google Chrome Extension They all have the same purpose and features.

Site Auditor

Site Auditor is a free website checkup tool. The tool helps you to quickly check sites or mobile apps for SEO in seconds. The tool allows you to run various SEO analysis queries which allows you to do free site checks. It uses a cloud-based system of crawling and analysis. You can integrate the tool into your existing web or mobile apps.

Linking Checker

Link Checker is a free SEO service that checks all the links of a website to see if they are broken or not. The SEO Checkup Tool is offered free of charge. It is one of the best SEO tools of any site. You don’t have to pay a dime for its services. It gives you the best SEO Checkup Tool. It provides you with the best SEO report.

Let's come to the topic...

1. Ahrefs Webmaster Tool - Free Tool

Ahrefs is one of the most popular and widely used SEO tools in the blogging industry. They provide all types of data that you need to rank your website. But Ahrefs is a paid software and for their higher pricing structure, it is very difficult to use their service for everyone.

But the webmaster tool that they launched last month is totally free and I am happy with their service and the analysis report they provide. In my opinion Ahrefs webmaster tool is one of the most detailed and accurate among all SEO site checkup tools.

If you really want to improve your website’s SEO performance you should use Ahrefs webmaster tool. I am sure you will fall in love with it.

2. SEMrush Site Audit Tool - (7 Day Free Trail)

SEMrush is another most popular website audit tool. In this tool, you will get the total SEO report of your website.

You will get all types of reports like, errors, warnings, notices, thermic reports, top issues and also broken links of your website.

SEMrush site audit tool also provide the possible suggestions to remove those errors.

SEMrush is a paid tool but you can use it for free for 7 days. To try SEMrush click on the button below and get all features for 7 days for free.

3. Ubersuggest - Free Tool

Ubersuggest is also a very popular SEO audit tool. Here also you will get all the details about your SEO, errors, warnings and other important stuffs.

It also provides your website’s loading time on different devices and also the possible suggestions to improve your website’s SEO profile.

It is partially free. You can use their features up to a limit. To access their full resources you have to purchase a plan.

4. Sitechecker - Free Tool

Sitechecker is also a very good SEO site audit tool among all SEO site checkup tools. You can use this tool absolutely free of cost.

With this tool you will get all the possible audit report of your website’s SEO and also the possible suggestions to make your website’s SEO better.

On a free account you can also use their other features like, SEO monitoring, rank tracker, backlink tracker.

5. SEOptimer - Free Tool

SEOptimer is another SEO site checkup tool that you can use for free to check your website’s SEO health.

It also provides all the data including website ranking, keyword distribution, page speed insights with your website’s security report and social media engagement result.

It shows all the affected pages and provides possible recommendations to resolve those errors.


I have made this list of the best SEO site checkup tools based on my experience. I have used all the stated tools personally for my website. There are other more tools that also do the same job. But none of them provides in detailed SEO report of your website.

I was surprised to use two of them. One is Ahrefs webmaster tool and another is the SEMrush site audit tool. They are pretty good at this matter. They show all the errors and the possible resolutions.

If you use any of the above or other than these tools please let me know in the comment section below.

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