RankMath : WordPress best SEO Plugin better than Yoast SEO Plugin

RankMath : WordPress best SEO Plugin better than Yoast SEO Plugin

RankMath :  WordPress best SEO Plugin better than Yoast SEO Plugin
Sunday, 3 January 2021

 In the case of WordPress, we need to fix SEO for increasing Search engine visitors. So we need to add some SEO plugins. When talking about WordPress SEO Plugin all of us think about YOAST because it's famous and viral. But Yoast needs the payment for the full option. That's why we search for an SEO Plugin for WordPress through which we can fix the SEO of our website without any payment.

During our search we find the Best SEO Plugin which satisfied our needs. We can say it's better than YOAST of Unpaid. In the case of the Free plugin, RankMath SEO Plugin is the best one (we Don't tried the Paid version of both YOAST and RankMath).

If you search “SEO” in the WordPress plugin marketplace, Rank Math pops up second behind only Yoast SEO in the search results, but it might not be long before it overtakes Yoast as the users’ choice when it comes to best WordPress SEO plugins. Rank Math has only been around since 2019, but the plugin already has over 400,000 active installs and rocks a truly stellar five-star rating. For those who want to do a lot for their SEO but don’t have time to commit to doing so, Rank Math is an excellent option.

Simply put, because of its features and the way the plugin works and interacts with the users. The plugin brought an entirely new approach to WordPress SEO, it’s coded without any bloats and it’s simply working great. The algorithm that analyzes the content looks way better compared to Yoast SEO’s one. 

As we said, the plugin is packed with a lot of built-in features that can easily replace some of the standalone plugins you might be using.

Some of the key features are: 

  • The clean and friendly options panel 
  • Google Webmaster central integration 
  • Redirections handling (can replace redirection plugin) 
  • 404 monitor 
  • SEO for AMP pages 
  • Google Local Business SEO 
  • Full SEO support for BuddyPress and bbPress 
  • Full support for WooCommerce 
  • SEO Support for ACF fields Automated images 
  • SEO (fills the empty alt and title tags automatically) 
  • The setup wizard that imports settings from Yoast, AIO, etc. 
  • Structured data schema markup Sitemap (can replace any Sitemap plugin
  • Google Stories SEO analysis (intuitive help with content writing) '
  • etc… 

The plugin also offers the ability to import the setting for Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack, so the transition to RankMath is super easy.

Frankly, the list of actual features for Rank Math is very impressive, and many of these will be useful for those who really want to drill down into a more proactive SEO strategy. However, there are easily more tools than users will need, and it's unlikely most will be worried about such features as MySpace URLs and Alex verification.WO


RankMath : WordPress best SEO Plugin better than Yoast SEO Plugin
4/ 5