Blogger vs Wordpress in 2021 - Which is Better and why ?

Blogger vs Wordpress in 2021 - Which is Better and why ?

Blogger vs Wordpress in 2021 - Which is Better and why ?
Saturday, 16 January 2021

 Which is the best platform for creating a website? WordPress or Blogger. We are going to compare Blogger vs WordPress in 2021 and will find Which is Better and why? If you are a beginner in this website creation, you may have this doubt about which one is best and which one we need to choose. Both platform blogger and WordPress are free, we are going to find what makes them different.

Blogger is a blogging service owned by Google Inc. that allows people to start a free blog. If you are searching for a source to create your first blog without investment, then blogger service is for you. Your blog or website is hosted on Google servers and they will take of everything. Less technical knowledge is enough to start a blog using the BlogSpot service. Suitable for the people who merely want to write posts and publish for others (hobby bloggers). 

WordPress is free open-source software that anyone can download and install on their domain name. It is called a Content Management System used to create blogs and websites. The main advantage of this system is that you can customize anything and everything of your choice. Even a newbie with no coding knowledge can easily develop a blog or website in a few minutes. Powered by a graphical user interface, WordPress does provide a great platform for bloggers.

Above I have given a quick review of both blogger and WordPress. Mostly taking a platform from these two is based on your requirements. 

Ownership Right

In the case of a blogger you are not the real owner of your website, the website created on logger is come under Google. But the WordPress website will completely under you, you are the real owner of your website.

User Experience

In Blogger it's limited to edit the theme if you are not an expert in coding, but currently, blogger themes are available for different purposes and modes, but in WordPress, there are a lot of Plugins available to create our website easily.

BlogSpot is the better option only if you only want to write and no other reason than that. WordPress has several advantages over blogger platforms like more SEO benefits, Customization options, etc. If you want to create your career around blogging, the WordPress platform is the wise blogging decision. OnlineHomeIncome uses WordPress (self-hosted) as its blogging platform. Also, WordPress is being supported with plugins to give you more control and functions for your blog. This makes your WordPress blog more SEO friendly and you can use the latest technologies as well. Getting started with WordPress require technical knowledge like installation, setup, and optimization. But there is no need to worry because we have tons of literature across the web.


  • The system is very simple to begin – literally, you can create a blog in minutes. 
  • Suitable for newbies who are curious about creating their first blog. 
  • Even an amateur person can start his/her own blog for free. 
  • Zero investment to start your first blog as you don’t need a hosting plan. 
  • Even under high limitation, you can customize your blog to some extent.


  • Functional wise, the blogger platform is very basic like writing your post and publishing it. 
  • Difficult Customization that makes user experience sometimes not up to the level. 
  • It will be very difficult to bring a good looking blog appearance without coding knowledge. 
  • You are not the real owner of your blog, as your blog is hosted on Google servers. 
  • It’s not a Fully Qualified Domain Name and hence lesser SEO benefits – Difficult to rank.


  • Please note that I am not writing about the free WordPress blog here. I am trying to say about the self-hosted WordPress blog. 
  • That means you have to purchase a WordPress theme and install it on your blog. 
  • Getting started with WordPress is simple but requires a bit more tasks for the initial setup. 
  • You have a few hundred WordPress themes to choose from for your blogging design and setup.
  • There are thousands of customization options that can be done by using plugins and themes. 
  • You can able to design an appealing blog with a greater user experience and to your choice. 
  • Great SEO benefits and makes you generate passive revenue for a long time.


  • Buying a WordPress theme attracts some investment but it’s worth investing in brand building and earning money. 
  • Free WordPress themes are available, but it’s not recommended because of the same limited customization as a blogger. 
  • Starting your WordPress blog requires WordPress hosting services to host your blog files. 
  • You should bear the responsibility to manage your sites and protect your site from attacks. 
  • Knowledge is necessary when installing a plugin and set up to work for your WordPress Blog.

How to Choose one Platform Over the Other?

Both Bloggers and WordPress provide you a space for blogging over the internet. If you have a budget to invest in blogging, you can choose the self-hosted WordPress platform. Blogger platform is a good choice for people who just want to write and share their work. This means it’s like a hobby blogging. But if you want to create your own online business (or) career in blogging, then choose WordPress. Blogger is highly limited in terms of customization, feature, SEO, and monetization. 

The start-up cost for bloggers is almost nill and the setup is fast, suitable for new beginners. You cannot continue for a long time with your blogger blog, and WordPress is almost the best option. If you want to expand your blog, WordPress is the right option as the blogger doesn’t have those features.

  • Cost
  • Getting Started
  • Customization
  • Support
  • Ownership
  • Development

Blogger vs Wordpress in 2021 - Which is Better and why ?
4/ 5